Your favorite Taco Bell treats are in your mouth when you have the thought, “How can I make Guestobsessed even more awesome?” That’s where the Guestobsessed Survey comes in, my friends.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

The Mexican fast food chain that is famous around the world wants to know what tastes great to you and what could use a little more spice. They want to keep those standards very high, and that’s where you come in! Not only can you share your thoughts by taking the GuestObsessed Survey, but you also have a chance to win $500 in cash. Yes, you did read that right!

Joining the GuestObsessed Survey – Eligibility and Requirements

First things first, you have to meet the requirements to get on this tasty train. You must be at least 18 years old and have a Taco Bell ticket from within the last week. Keep your receipt because it has the important 16-digit survey code on it. Not able to find your receipt? Don’t worry! You can take a different path; just give your name, the store number, the date, and the time of your stay.

Security and the Official Website

Keep in mind that you should only go to the official Guestobsessed Survey page. Friends, safety first! We don’t want you to give your private information to any sneaky crooks out there.

How to Participate in the Guestobsessed Survey Step-by-Step Guide

Now let’s get down to business: all you have to do to take the poll is order your favorite Taco Bell meal:

Take Guest Obsessed Survey

  • Step 1: Go to the GuestObsessed Survey page on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Step 2: Use your fine motor skills to type in the 16-digit poll code that you found on your receipt.
  • Step 3: Tell other people about your Taco Bell experience! What did your taste buds dance for? What could be better than that?
  • Step 4: Give Taco Bell ratings for things like food, service, environment, delivery, and more.
  • Step 4: Rate Taco Bell on various aspects like food, service, atmosphere, delivery, and more.
  • Step 6: Now comes the fun part: do you want a chance to win $500? Yes, you do!
  • Step 7: If you want to win big, leave your name and phone number to be in with a chance.


There you have it, folks. An easy way to let Taco Bell know what makes your world go round and what could use some magic. Plus, you could win $500, so why not give it a try? Remember to click “yes” at the end of the survey to enter the game and win big. Your thoughts are like the magic sauce that makes Taco Bell even better, so don’t miss the fun!

Ready to say what you think and maybe win a lot of money? Time to begin the GuestObsessed Survey journey!

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