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Guests at Checkers and Rally can vote in a poll called Guestobsessed. The Guest Obsessed Survey at can be used to learn more about the market and find out how satisfied buyers are.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


The job of Guestobsessed is to help companies figure out what their clients like and don’t like so they can keep making changes.

This survey from Checkers & Rally asks about the food, how clean the place is, and how helpful the staff is.

Thanks for helping. We will give you an offer for a free sandwich if you fill out our customer satisfaction survey.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

How to Take Guestobsessed Survey

The poll is online, so anyone who wants to fill it out needs a computer or phone that can connect to the internet. You’ll also need a Checkers and Rally ticket to play.

  • Just do these things to finish the poll:
  • Go to thank you.
  • Follow the shop number on the ticket. In the box there, type this code.
  • You need to press the “start” button.
  • Tell us if you drove or walked up to place your order.
  • You can choose what time it is.
  • After that, you’ll be asked some easy questions about Rallies and Checkers.
  • Do not be in a hurry to answer these questions.
  • Add your own ideas to the blanks.
  • Note down what you ate for dinner.
  • The poll is over.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey


Take Guest Obsessed Survey

Benefits and Rewards

After you finish this Checkers vote, you’ll get a good deal for a FREE SANDWICH with a big order.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

  • There must be proof that they legally live in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia.
  • You need to be an adult.
  • Three days after buying something, you can answer the poll.
  • One coupon can only be used per order.
  • Email lets you send it as many times as you want.
  • You have 30 days to use this ticket.
  • You need the original ticket and a code that enables you to use it.
  • You can’t cash in coupons anyway.
  • It’s not okay for staff and workers.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey

About Guestobsessed Survey

One of the biggest groups of double drive-thru restaurants in the US is Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. At first, the restaurant chain had two different places to eat: Checkers and Rally. The Southeast was served by Checkers, and the Midwest was served by Rally.

The restaurant company is known for its fast food, like burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, shakes, frozen desserts, and more. It first opened in 1983 as Checker’s and changed its name when it bought Rally’s in 1999.

If you eat at one of these places a lot, they will treat you better and save you time and money. You can be sure that our services are the best because we’ve been in business for more than 30 years. In more than 900 places in the US, there is real proof of this.

A lot of positive reviews from happy customers have also been put online. People are also encouraged to fill out the poll by giving them food gifts.

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Take Guest Obsessed Survey

Guestobsessed Survey On Social Media


That site has a vote for Checkers and Rally that you can find at

Have you ever eaten at one of their restaurants? If so, you can give them your thoughts in exchange for a discount coupon at this link right now. Between now and then, feel free to post any questions you have below.

In the US, get a receipt from a Checkers or Rally and then go to to fill out a question that will give you a coupon for a free meal.

Guestobsessed Survey FAQs

  • What does Rally and Checkers have to do with each other?

Answer: These two food businesses used to work separately. Now that they are both one, you can use the same coupon anywhere to get the same price.

Take Guest Obsessed Survey

  • What do I get if I “nick the box”?

Answer: You’ll get a discount code at the end of the poll. At the restaurant, just show this coupon code to get a free lunch.

  • Can I use my discount at any store in the Rally and Checkers plazas?

Answer: If this company has a business office, you should always eat lunch there.

  • What about that reward that could be money?

Answer: You won’t get any money from Checkers and Rally. We’re giving you a sandwich to say thanks for your help.